• Global Brands Licensing Platform

    You don't have to start from the scratch, all you have to do is buy the license of globally trusted brand from us and you are all set to roll.

  • Extending Brands into Products

    IBG helps in creating thousands of products and services for various global brands to reach new audiences.

  • Ultimate Form of Customer Engagement

    We develop branded products that customers can easily trust.

  • Unlocking Brand's Equity

    We help you to generate more revenue by based on the idea of brand recognition. Your association with established brands makes customers believe that the products are better than the rest.

Who We Are

We aspire to transform some biggest brands of the world in multiple new avatars. We assist these industry leaders with brand expansion strategies, product development and innovation, licensing and overall strengthening of their relationship with the consumers. Through strategic vision and in-depth research and analysis, we help create breakthrough product ideas for established brands traversing across several and consequential consumer touch-points and further market it on numerous platforms.

What we do

Right strategies and tactics are what we believe in. Iconic Brands Group helps extend brand into products and unleash a new experience. Forging richer connections between consumers and core brands through licensed products and strategic brand extension, we offer customers enticing experience of the brands in a whole new way.

With a desire to create new products for global brands, Iconic Brands Group has pioneered the concept of brand extension. We help the brand enhance their value and increase long-term revenue with all new products worldwide. For a new beginning, come to us for the manufacturing rights of a wide array of brands.