Giving enticing new look to a brand is our motto

Right strategies and planning are what we believe in. Iconic Brands Group helps extend brand into products and unleash a new experience. We help forger richer connections between consumers and iconic brands through licensed products and strategic brand extension. Team IBG offers customers enticing experience of the brands in a whole new way.

With a desire to create new products for iconic brands, Iconic Brands Group has pioneered the concept of brand extension. We help the brand enhance their value and increase long-term revenue with all new products worldwide. For a new beginning, come to us for the manufacturing rights of a wide array of brands.

Biographical Sketch

Iconic Brands Group is a brand representation, acquisition and licensing platform. With iconic global brands such as celebrities, lifestyle, sports, entertainment and more, we help in brand and manufacture representation; consumer research and license and retail management. With best policies at hand, we help in elevating and building long-term value of a portfolio of consumer brands. IBG offers an opportunity to partner with best-in-class manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers.


IBG team has cultivated understanding of retail trends and consumer demands. We work alongside clients to create a licensing program that is capable of unlocking brand’s equity and generate revenue for the years to come.

Our services

Global Brands Licensing Platform

IBG helps brands to take their business in international market by distributing manufacturing license to the best manufacturers across the world. We assure that the licensing policy will cost you the least and will also reduce the risk of foreign ownership.

Iconic Brand Extension
We help brands extend into products by partnering with best manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers through licensed program across the globe. The form of communication helps in giving brands a fresh look in alluring ways.

Unlocking Brand’s Equity
We help powerful brands seamlessly expand in new products by offering license for manufacturing to different companies. New perspective of the manufacturer gives the band a new look thus expanding the value premium that a brand generates from a product with a recognizable name.

Ultimate Form of Customer Engagement
Costumers are the key to market expansion. At IBG, our major goal is to offer products to costumers under a brand name that they can trust and relate to.